Terms and conditions: We are going to evaluate every single listing. Please follow these instructions:
  • Accurate description with exact measurements
  • Never over state condition
  • Your price
  • Up to 4 pictures, max. dimensions 600 h x 200 w, or 600 h x 800 w in total for string instruments
  • Up to 2 pictures, max. dimensions 200 h x 1000 w, or 400h x 1000 w in total for wind instruments
  • Your contact information

We do not sell your instruments on consignment, we will add your information to the listing so that people who are interested can contact you directly. You will handle the whole transaction from start to finish. We shall not be responsible for any part of it and therefore we do not charge any commission fees.

Listing Price: US 30.00 per instruments per year. Discounts are available upon request.

Please e-mail us if you need more information.

Remember to leave a phone/fax number where you can be reached,
sometimes e-mail addresses do not work as they should.

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